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My first visit to Zihuatanejo was in 1951. I flew in on a WW11 DC-3 --The landing strip was in town about where the road heads northwest. (Ixtapa was a cocoanut plantation back then.) I Stayed at the Belmar Hotel. (It was next to the Avila)
I never went to Zihuatanejo to stay in the best hotel, or to eat in the best restaurant every nite.
I went to Zihuatanejo, every year, to meet, and get to know the friendly and beautiful people of this tiny village. After getting my bags unpacked, I would go from house to house to greet my friends. After a feu years, many would meet me at the bus, which I usually took from Acapulco. It was NOT a tourist attraction then. A few Americans and Canadians started coming every year. In the late 1960's Lady M's parents started coming in their white camper.
I have been unable to return to Zihuatanejo, for a number of years now. It was, and still is, a big part of my life. I shall never forget those wonderful friends, in that tiny Mexican village, on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
Cri Cri

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