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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de enero, 2009 a las 22:00:51 horas :

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That's funny! Well... just supposing if it were conceivable that a small lot could stop a mega-project, wouldn't that be wonderful! What are the real chances of that? It happens in the movies but unless there is an effective unified effort on the part of mostly all of the land owners in the area especially the local fishing community it's a fairly unlikely scenario especially here in Mexico. I like the idea though.

In reality a small lot could probably sit there forever and never affect this project in any way. Cut it in half? I wish! But I guess all they would have to do is skip that part. Or the government takes 'necessary steps'. Or ...God know... something accidentally happens that just accidentally gets rid of irritating obstacles. EEUUUGH...Let's not think about that. No,.obstacles must be huge...usually involving entire communities with tentacles that run to even an international reach.

Just in case though, I might get ready. I could tie myself to a tree!

In the meantime, there will be much work to be done.

By the way, correction and more news on that INFONAVIT thing...The offer to the La Barra community of the INFONAVIT thing was not Infonavit which is Federal government but rather pure ayuntamiento and was more of a keeping of a campaign promise on the part of the new presidente municipal. I was told INFONAVIT-like as they would get lots (small) and they would not be free to build themselves but the construction would be done by (whom? not sure) and it would be an INFONAVIT-like development. This I was told by a neighbor who got it from a representative of the PRI.

More important is that it would NOT require that anyone sell their existing property in the village but rather in fact it would be for those who presently don't own a lot. (That part is very good). Plus the locat1on is nearer than I was first told. (That part I add with the disclaimer that we don't yet know which of the conflicting sources will turn out to be correct).

And the last clarification is that what came to the village at this point wasn't exactly a definite offer but rather a making of the list of those who qualify in case they get the funding to actually do it. So we don't know if this is even going to happen though they seem to be working on it.

So this is NOT what I attempt to remove the village from it's present locat1on. It might not even happen and if it does happen it might be something good. I will be watching for updates in case it turns out to be something not good or in case further light cast reveals some other thing I got wrong the first time ;-).

Meantime it's a beautiful evening with warm tropical breezes running through the streets of the village.

Hasta pronto,

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