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Mix yourself a cocktail, pop a beer, or just put your feet up. This is gonna be long and probably more information than you want to know.
But I took notes this timeÖ

This was my third trip to Zihuatanejo and Troncones in the last year and Iíve lost count how many all together.

Tuesday August 21 2007
Teresa and I kissed our husbands goodbye and flew from Tulsa on my usual Continental 6:20am flight to Houston. 45 minutes to connect across the terminal. No problemo. No time to dawdle though. This was the day that Dean was to slam south of Cancun.
Houston was the busiest Iíd seen it. Flight was fine with a different route than usual.
Arrived in Z at 11:15. Green lights. I hit the airport ATM and used 2 debit cards withdrawing max. 5,000 pesos each. This was for both of us. Since I had already paid for lodging we never needed an ATM again.

Took airport taxi to La Madera, Brisas del Mar. My first stay here. Very nice, large room, good beds, nice bathroom, great towel art, nice staff. A counter top next to the little fridge is sorely needed. Plenty of room there. I was a bit disappointed with the balcony. Smaller than I thought it would be and the one above dripped more than a little water on us the whole time. This is the first place I have stayed that did not provide a jug of bottled water.
Itís definitely nice enough and I would recommend BDM but I will probably not stay here again. I prefer even smaller places and even more private. Thatís just me.

First things first we crossed the road to Amandaís tienda for water, beer, wine, tequila, juices and cacahuates. Unwound for a bit then headed to MJ&Ritchies for lunch and liquid refreshment. I had a good conversation with Raphael, with the help of a nice lady to translate, about the proposed muelle. What he said was the same thing I heard from everyone I asked. The people are rallying and uniting and he didnít think it would happen.

On to Casa Arcadia for dos por unos with msmcford from Patzcuaro(Kym). She was staying in Ixtapa. She is just delightful and we had a lot of fun. Before she left I thought we had made a date to meet at Pattyís the next Thursday. Hmmm
My friend Deb showed up to greet us and I got caught up on the drama that is her life in Zihua. Oy!
Didnít make it to Chendos. I donít think we had dinner that night.
Back to BDM for a night of amazing storms. The lightning and thunder rivaled our Oklahoma storms. Very cool.

Everyone was talking about the storm.
We walked to Calle Adelita for a much anticipated breakfast at La Casa Cafť. I would have sworn that Lorna posted here that she was to reopen in mid August. Now I have to wait 63 more days for my LCC fix.
So we had breakfast at Salvadorís. Very good, very cheap, but not La Casa Cafť.
Walked and shopped a bit through town and back to Casa Arcadia for dos por unos with friends.
Back at BDM we had chips and salsa and cocktails at the pool. Played cards.
Each trip I like to try at least one new finer dining restaurant. So I tossed a coin for Puerta del Sol or Casa Bahia. We taxied to PdS, next to Kau Kan. We both like to walk everywhere but it was hot and we looked cute ;-)
I had a stuffed clam dish that was fantastic. Teresa had the tableside flambťed filet. The flavors were wonderful but chewed and tasted nothing like a filet.
Jorge the owner and chef is very pleasant. He is quite unhappy about the huge building going in next door, blocking views. I would imagine many business owners are not happy with that. Jorge jokes? saying heís going to put in loud speakers and blast the place all night when itís finished. Forgot whoís building it. Anyone knowÖnext to Kau Kan?

This next move we probably would not have done w/out a couple bottles of wine in us.
It was getting pretty late and we walked all the way to Bandidos downtown in drizzle. Still I was completely aware of what was going on around us and never felt unsafe. Oh, except for the s*#t oozing up from the manholes. Ugh.
Just a handful of people there. No live music that night but a DJ.
Now, Teresa and I like men but we could not take our eyes off one beautiful, mesmerizing salsa dancer. She was incredible. We closed the place. Taxied home in the rain.

Pouring rain so we put on bathing suits and wraps and walked to Salvadors for breakfast.
Not a Las Gatas day. Played cards on our dribbly terrace til time to go to La Ropa and meet msmcford at Pattyís. No one there. Patty, who knows Kym well, called her for us but she had just left. So we waited and waited some more. Obviously a misunderstanding. Not to worry Kym. We had fun anyway but sorry we missed seeing you again.
Had lunch/dinner next door at Dona Prudencia. We split a large salad and the stuffed camarones over creamed spinach yum yum!
Finally stopped raining and we went across the street to see #9 at Villas San Sebastian where Jeff & I will be staying in Nov. Incredible view and oh so cute. Only 9 units.
Had a nice chat with Luis Valle the owner and Mario who assured me he will carry up my groceries in November.
Walked back to BDM. Drank a bit and played cards until we realized a King of Hearts was missing.

Friday, moving day
Raining in AM, took taxi to Commercial Mexicana for new playing cards and supplies. Driver waited. Off to Troncones for my 3rd stay since last August at Casa Escondida.
Caretakers Dios and Inez there to welcome us home. They have been there since it was built, 13 years? And I adore them.
Once again we have the entire grounds and pool to ourselves. Paradise!
Next door at Costa Brava we had Carmenís tortilla soup. All that fresh creamÖweee!
This is what Iíve lost weight for! Yum.
Walked the beach. Played cards under our wonderful kitchen palapa on the beach and flicked gecko poop that kept dropping on our juegos. Tíwas great fun. It doesnít take much to entertain us. We didnít have a watch so turned on Tís phone to check time and there was her husband calling her. She was even able to call him right back. Then I called Jeff. Perfect. How were we able to do that?

We had work to do today. Laundry in the sink. Hang to dry. Too much trabajo but thatís the price you pay for packing one very small bag. Took 8 minutes.
I gave Inez and Dios their gifts. The highlight of my trip was Diosí face when he saw his 23 new lures. I swear I thought the man was going to cry.
I had lost one of his lures on rocks last December so Iíve been hunting for them.
Later they told us they would like to bring us dinner on Sunday. OK!
Dios brought us our coconuts. I like to pour all the juice in a container. Freeze coconut overnight. Fill with ice, tequila, pineapple or mango and the coconut juice. Stick a straw in it. Stays icy cold all day long. Place back in freezer overnight and you donít have to wash a glass!
Lunch at new Burro Burracho, used to be Huachinangos. Excellent sautťed abulon and a shrimp and mushroom quesadilla.
Went next door to Tropic of Cancer and had a nice chat with Anita LaPointe.
Back at casita for pool and cards.
Ernesto and Dwayne came by. Ernie just in from his vacation to Minnesota. He manages Casa Escondida as well as his Casa Gregorio and a real character. Dwayne is the chef at Hacienda Eden and sometime bartender upstairs at Cafť del Sol, also a character.

I made breakfast of sautťed potatos, added yesterdays lunch and scrambled eggs in the whole deal, served with tortillas. Pretty darn good.
Ernesto came by to show us Casa Gregorio. Really nice.
I gave him a deposit for one of the 2bdrm houses on the beach for our last 3 nights in November. Casa Escondida not being available.
Fantastic lunch of Combinacion Mexicana at Tropic of Cancer. Really, really good.
Back to casita for pool, my coconut, Teresaís beer, and more cards.
Inezís dinner was out of this world!
Potato stuffed rellenos, beans, rice, torts, and a whole fresh lemon pie!
We were absolutely stuffed. Stuffed as in could not move.

Lots of wind. Seemed to be a big storm at sea today. Huge waves. No one on beach.
So went for a walk in the rain. Quite cool and pleasant all day.
Played cards until we realize a King of Hearts was missing again!
Now how weird is this? The game we play is with 2 decks, 1 blue, 1 red, including jokers. That is 108 juegos. Twice we lose one of those 108 cards and itís the same freakin card. Goose bumps I tell ya!
I guess it rained at some point every day but didnít stop us from doing anything.
There was a little trouble up the beach and a tad of a scare here. Maybe I will go into that later, maybe not.
Ernesto came by and serenaded us. We had a great time. This is the night we took a ride up to Casa Gregorio again. What for, I donít remember. We spot these 2 armadillos in the pool. Teresa immediately grabs each by the tail and flings them out of the pool and into the bushes.
What the ???? Ernie and I run/drive like scared rhinos back to the casita. More singing and carrying on. Fun night.

I wake up very early every morning so it was nothing to lie in bed just before dawn with an eye out the screen door on the suds of the waves. Suddenly I couldnít make them out at all. Pitch black. The eclipse! I knew it was cloudy and wouldnít actually see it so didnít go outside. Plus I had my hand next to a machete that I did not want to carry outside. Too dark.
Made deyseyuno with Inezís wonderful rellenos.
Stormy today. Pooled, coconuted and played juegos all day.

Last full day. Walked the beach, pooled, coconuted, played cards. Inez found the missing King. And BTW when it was all over I kicked Teresaís tiny little butt at juegos.
Had dinner at Costa Brava. Wonderful fresh tuna.
Played more cards, pooled.
I have a feeling I mixed up a day or 2 here but you get the picture.

Said goodbyes to Dios and Inez.
Dwayne came by for a goodbye visit.
Went for drinks with Ernesto to Ixtapa. First time there. I was impressed with how pretty and manicured it was. Too Miami-ish for me though.
Ernesto took us to a shop where I found the big plaque Iíve been looking for ĎBienvnidos mi Casa es su Casaí.
Flight at 2:45
We said our goodbyes over airport cocktails.
Houston connection was very late.
An interesting flight. The attendant quit. He didnít leave the plane till it landed though.

Good to be home especially knowing Iíll be back for 10 days with Jeff in 63 days!
This will be our first stay in La Ropa. Plan to go out fishing a few days and we have a few appts to check out properties.
Have not been but am curious about Playa Pantla and La Barrita, as far as property.
Anyone have any insight on these areas?

Thatís all folks!

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