worst nightmare

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Escrito por Laura desde (dpc691914043.direcpc.com) el día miércoles, 12 de septiembre, 2007 a las 01:35:36 horas :

Have you seen this?!


I had been wondering why the Presidente Municipal of Petatlan didn't want the Biologists who were just visiting to make the Biodiversity study in La Barra NOT to know about Valentin.

This is going to be far from the easiest thing I'll have to see in my life if it comes to pass and I'm afraid it is obviously already on it's way. Why can't we honor the sacred in places like this? OR rather... Why can't the sacred be recognized and why doesn't that recognition illicit a desire to protect it rather than only a desire to make money on it with a willingness to ruin it in doing so?

I was having such a nice day before I saw this. I will try to have a nice day tomorrow. I will try to remember that many involved in this are good people in their hearts but it might be difficult to not become angry - because I have experienced Valentin and the peace and beauty there. I may be sick right now and other times as I try to overcome the impact of the idea of the destruction of what should be Patrimonio National.

I suggest that anyone who knows of this amazing place visit now while it still exists and work on your capacity to survive witnessing the rape and pillage of the sacred (I know I've used that word a lot but I don't know how else to describe the Laguna de Valentin.

I have purposely not ever mentioned that place even on here... for the reason of protecting it as long as possible in that small way. I feel horrified by the values held by the people in positions of power to even conceive such a concept of development of this place at all - as other than a National park and nature reserve.

To see the concepts pictured in this project makes me want to really cry. How shameful!

To all involved in this locally forgive me for I can only say, Have you no pride in the place you were fortunate enough to be born in and should be protecting with all the power of the positions you are entrusted to? Have you lost sight, against the benefit of the education you were privileged to obtain, of the value of such an exceptional pristine place not to mention awareness of the ecological impact of such a 'development' in an important estuary system?

What will you ever do with the money you make on this that could ever rid you of the sad shame of what you will have done? Have you no vision except for personal monetary gain and the shallow images of the Nouveau Riche?

For God sake, somehow against all probability, whoever reads this and has anything to do with this, I have to at least once beg you... as a human person watching a terrible offense about to happen...don't do this.

Instead work to make Valentin a National Park. This could be a remarkable and beautiful project and a source of pride for Petatlan, for Guerrero and for Mexico. This could be an example of a real sustainable ecotourism development and a real local economic development that protects the gems it holds including the place and the local people of this place.

Make that a precious project for the people you are entrusted to protect... for your own children and grandchildren... for the children of la Costa Grande young and those not yet born who will otherwise never have the chance to experience Valentin as you have, in all it's spectacular beauty - because of you having taken it away to make it a playground for a few wealthy people. This repetitive thing pictured is not different from so many other playgrounds for a few wealthy people. What a profound and deadening bore. For God's sake, be courageous enough to please wake up. Don't let this nightmare become reality.

Do something that is truly right. Don't make excuses.

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