No ATVs on the beach - period

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día viernes, 21 de septiembre, 2007 a las 00:17:41 horas :

I've been very anxious to respond to this very upsetting trend of the cruise ships offering ATV tours on the beach. In the last few days I got some information and learned how this can be stopped. I just got out of a meeting attended by a consultant for the Presidente Municipal (I happened to have known him for years and he answered my questions.)

Here's the deal... we must write to four 'bodies' - Governmental bodies that is. The Municipal President of Petatlan, Profepa, Semarnat and the State Governor.

The letters can be in English. Here's your chance to voice exactly how you feel as you have been doing on these threads - and to have that voice have weight toward a solution! It will definitely make a difference to get letters from tourists that say they will cease to visit if ATVs are allowed on the beach. That was a strong definite from the consultant to the Presidente Municipal.

From us - the community of La Barra - we had a meeting today and discussed this among other things. We are writing a formal complaint in a letter signed by the Comisario de Barra de Potosi with the seal of that office. We'll also send as well a letter from Niņos Encantados de La Barra A.C. (Children's Library) and other groups and individuals from La Barra to all those four agencies.

We'll voice our strong objection in our complaint that an illegal permit has been issued that will result in harm to the people of La Barra in various ways - the danger (especially to the small children on the beach) the air, water and noise pollution and the destruction of wildlife and the atmosphere of peace and respect for nature. It will wreak havock with the ecology of our area and in doing so harm our way of life.

We'll demand that the illegal permit be revoked and the tours be stopped. We will include very powerful examples of habitat destroyed by ATVs in various places around the world.

OK. Having written these agencies and in written form voiced our complaint and having that on record... then we can organize the village and STAND on the beach shoulder to shoulder making it impossible for them to pass. Since it is illegal for motorized vehicles to be on the beach, the police will be asked to remove them. We will let the people pass walking...just not the motorized vehicles. Many of my neighbors have told me they will happily participate. I think we will easily have enough people to make several lines and they won't pass.

We know when their first scheduled tour is as it's advertised on their website. If there is some change in their schedule, we will still easily find out they are coming with many people who will be willing to call us as they are seen up the beach. We can quickly get enough people there to make the line. I'll do my best to get the press there on all the levels I can. We will inform the Cruise Ship of our intention to do this and ask them to stop this before it even begins in respect for the community of La Barra - the Mexican People they presume to observe in their tour- and who do not want this grossly disrespectful affront of an ATV tour passing through our community.

I am so disgusted with this. It's time to stop it... now.

Rob, maybe you can help with the addresses...? Many thanks!


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