Re: No ATVs on the beach - period

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Escrito por Lee@98223 desde ( el día martes, 25 de septiembre, 2007 a las 14:38:18 horas :

En respuesta a: No ATVs on the beach - period escrito por Laura desde ( el día viernes, 21 de septiembre, 2007 a las 00:17:41 horas :

Also, I think that there are no public rest rooms on the beach. If it were to be known that no beach riders can use a private rr, but will have to "go" in the water, or on the beach, in full view of the public ( with cameras to record the action), and that the authorities were apprised of such a thing there might be 2nd thoughts by said authorities.
The guy would not be too shy, but I don't think too many of the female persuasion would be too happy to flash their buns in public.

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