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Escrito por Paco desde ( el día domingo, 07 de octubre, 2007 a las 11:50:39 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Why Some Support the Pier escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día domingo, 07 de octubre, 2007 a las 11:03:24 horas :

In my opinion you are all missing the real BAY problem and as usual the majority of people are
blind followers just because someone said a situation was good nor bad. Where is the scientific
study and proof that indicates the flow in the bay and how the bay relay flushes itself and how
long it takes, not to mention the ďPierĒ impact study, for and against from real professionals?
You all talk about how bad the cruse ships are and the economic impact good and bad for the
town but did anyone ever consider that if the bay isnít cleaned up soon there will be nothing to
argue over, except to ask will the bay ever recover?
Why hasnít anyone talked about the motor and sail boats that dump waste into the bay and
consequently the beaches and the lack of supervision by the Port Authority in that regard? Some
hotels are still running their sewers into the bay, not to mention that occasionally the sewer
collection system overflow. What about the waste that flows down from the town hills layering the
streets with god knows what
As I see it, after visiting here for 15 years and living here for four, above Playa La Ropa, watching
the ďGUCKĒ that flows out of the canal that reaches half way across the bay after a rain, brown
with mud and pollution and God knows what else as it carries the debris from up river, depositing
it into the bay. Tons and tons of waste to include sewage out flows, not to mention the crap that
comes from the 2 lagoons
To add insult to injury, last year the development on the hillside above La Ropa spued mud from
the construction site down the hill and into the bay which now meets the canal out-flow half way.
This year there is third construction site to the east of the hill with even more roads and in a hard
rain the whole bay is now brown from the total out-fall
None talks about the pollution in the bay because it isnít visual especially off season. Pollution isnít
noticeable to a great extent, but the pier will be. Does anyone know that the only beach in
Zihuatanejo Bay that isnít polluted is Playa Los Gatas
PS, I am not for or against the cruise ships and the pier, but I am concerned that we are rapidly losing the bay for recreation

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