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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 24 de noviembre, 2007 a las 15:46:22 horas :

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I would agree that there are more fine dining choices in Troncones. We would have only two or possibly three for evening eating during high season while Troncones has quite a few more.

But I must offer another perspective about activity options here in La Barra.

Here are a few of the most popular activities in La Barra (this is besides hammock lounging with incredible views):

Kayaking one of the most extensive and beautiful lagoons on the pacific coast exploring miles of mangrove tree-lined canals in the estuary, plus kayaking in the ocean of course.

Hiking up the top of the Hill of Huamilule for a striking panoramic view stretching to Ixtapa to the North and Valentin to the south, hiking to the salinas, up Turtle Sanctuary beach or in the other direction to along the beach to Los Farallones.

Rent bikes - there are so many gorgeous trails for biking stretching from here to San Geronimito.

Incredible birding in four different ecological zones all within walking distance of the village (Mangrove, Palmar, Dunes, Mango orchards). The latest information we have from the Biologists from La UAM in Mexico City as they conduct an ongoing biodiversity study here, is an expectation to arrive at more than 250 species of birds)

Swimming in a protected bay with sandy bottom. I consider our beach here to be the third most gentle and protected for swimming in the entire area after La Gatas and La Ropa. Some mornings the water here is smooth as glass, later in the afternoon good body surfing. You can rent boogie boards of course.

Swimming in the lagoon is a dream and a good variation in feel from being on the beach. Just around the bend from the beach on the continuing curve - all in easy walking distance. Especially good for families with small children.

Ocean excursions are easily arranged with good local captains for fishing and snorkeling at Playa Manzanillo (considered the best snorkeling in the area) or to Los Moros (the best diving spot and right in front of La Barra) impressive beauty!

Excursions to other nearby places of interest such as La Chole Archeological site, the river at San Geronimito, Petatlan, Valentin... and others all within easy 30-40 minute drives with local taxis... can be easily arranged with good guides and delicious picnics.

Horseback riding... right here on the La Barra beach, or crossing the Barra to the virgin beach on the other side (this is spectacular open sea -not for swimming). This a ride my guests always return from totally exhilarated.

Yoga - every morning on the beach at 8 am led by a highly respected yoga teacher who happens to live here half the year.

Children's Library Project keeps an open invitation to all our visitors who may want to experience Mexico in this wonderful way... offering some talent of yours or just your energy in the form of a workshop for the children (or adults) at the library.

This can range from a one time, one hour workshop to a daily class during several days. It can also be helping in the garden with the locals, reading to the kids, or helping with homework or art projects during library hours. Anyone interested in this can contact me. I can always serve as interpreter and gather the kids for these workshops. It's truly fun and gratifying and we've had a wide variety of themes and workshop givers.

IT's true that we have been afflicted in recent years with the arrival of the tour buses. Sometime they bring too many people. Other times they fill up a couple of restaurants only and the crowd is cheery and pleasant to be around. Th eway to avoid them is to not visit during Christmas or Easter. The rest of the time it's still wuite easy to enjoy the famous peaceful tranquility and natural splendor we have here.

The atmosphere here in La Barra is definitively Mexican - and not only Mexican but Costeno. Many see that as an important plus in a traveling experience. The owners of the restaurants are people who live in the village. The seafood served in the beach restaurants is fabulous and one could feast for many days without tiring of it.

The evening restaurants to me are more than 'restaurants'. They are an opportunity to experience a kind of life (warmhearted traditional coastal fishing village community) so different than the life in the modern North that it is the kind of travel that can be transcendent and rejuvenating to the spirit in itself for what you can learn (often about oneself)... if one has the attitude to see it.

Oh, and there are now during the high season about 4 or 5 of these 'folkloric' costeńo evening restaurants (opening at 7) plus two fine dining options (I detailed in a post below).

In the folkloric' restaurants the food is delicious and varies from the daytime fare entirely. Softshell tacos (homemade of masa) beef, pork and chicken, excellent salsas, enchiladas, sopes, quesadillas, tortas (hot sandwiches on great fresh bread made of ham, chicken, pork etc with everything). This season you'll also be able to get pasta salads and beautiful cooked vege salads in the evenings.

It's true that in la Barra you will not find one 'Sport's Bar' (Though you will be welcome to sit with the neighbors and have a few beers) and there are only a few days when the surf makes for good surfing... not a surf mecca, not primarily developed by foreigners.

The list of activities (as noted above) is quite healthy. Most people who visit this beautiful place are entranced and find they want to rest in hammocks, meet the local people, enjoy the truly rich array of regional food specialties (at excellent quality - don't be fooled by the amazingly low price)... swim, read, float, reflect, learn, be in spectacular natural beauty surrounded by warm, alive people who offer a perspective entirely different about life.

Not for everyone.

But there is something for everyone somewhere in our beautiful stretch of beach from Troncones to Ixtapa, to Zihuatanejo to La Barra.


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