Bigger Anti-Pier March Today!

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 27 de noviembre, 2007 a las 21:40:34 horas :

Well whaddayaknow? Turns out even more folks showed up today for the anti-pier march. I'd gueestimate around 500 or 600 or so started out on the march, but at the zócalo it looked like a lot more than that (remember I have a bad reputation for guessing crowd sizes). Actually I think we picked up quite a few along the way. Among the marchers and supporters were people from every walk of life including at least one former mayor, lots of fishermen and folks from Old Zihuatanejo families, lodging operators, tour guides, shop owners, farmers, doctors, teachers, the whole she-bang! It was great! Coulda been more people, but in historically apathetic Zihuatanejo we're very pleased with the turnout.

Free T-shirts were passed out to all (no crossed-out cruise ships on these), and lots of us passed out flyers to folks on the street and in passing traffic. The public, including folks in traffic, were mostly openly supportive and certainly very respectful of us in spite of the huge traffic jam we caused. No one honked at us in anger or shouted anything that I could hear. Of course I was walking near the rear where an escort car with megaphones was blaring out some pretty good music along with a well-recorded message.

We walked the 4 kilometers from the Ayuntamiento to the zócalo shouting chants and posing for the photographers and chatting with friends and family and neighbors, including quite a few we haven't seen for years. There were a lot of good and positive vibes.

Since Lupita and I both had to leave soon after arriving at the zócalo, we didn't get to see all the events that were planned after the arrival, so maybe someone who was there can relay what happened from there on.

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