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Escrito por Juneau Tuna desde ( el día jueves, 29 de noviembre, 2007 a las 23:09:44 horas :

En respuesta a: Bigger Anti-Pier March Today! escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 27 de noviembre, 2007 a las 21:40:34 horas :

I hope that your efforts squelch the proposed pier in Zihuatanejo Bay. Having lived in Juneau, Alaska for most of my life, I've seen the changes brought about by the cruise lines and other outside interests and can't say that I like it. Much of downtown Juneau and it's waterfront is controlled by them. There are now few locally owned shops. It just doesn't sit well with me that during the summer we run nearly one million tourists through here and much of the money heads south along with the shop owners. Another problem that I see is the booking fees charged for arranging charter fishing trips. The booking agents take far too large a cut out of the total price of the charters here. It's tough enough to make a living as a charter fisherman these days without having someone else dipping into their pockets. It would be sad to see that happen down there in Zihuatanejo. Progress is progress, but when the locals get pushed aside to further someone else's agenda I can't support it.


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