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Escrito por PAUL desde ( el día miércoles, 19 de diciembre, 2007 a las 11:06:52 horas :

After being back in Ky a little over 2 weeks, was thinking about the 2 weeks we had at Pacifica and that was the best vacation we have had in a long time.
We arrived on a Sat and friends who were ending their week stayed with us till Monday- cheaper air fare.
On Wed, 2 of Kathie's children came in ( 1 from New York City and 1 from Phoenix). That evening we took them to the Marina and El Galleon- we found to be more expensive than last year. Thursday we had a real turkey dinner at Momma Norma & Debra's.
Friday night there was a surprise 10th wedding anniversary
party for Kathie(my wife). YaYa in sales at Pacifica, had the best table on the point for the view all set up- there was a white rose center piece, they brought out a bottle of champaign on ice, a gift basket, and for a desert- a chocolate layer cake made of light chocolate with a white chocolate sauce between the layers and it tasted like had been set in a liquor. Kathie was so surprised and happy- everyone knew but her. The group in sales we know, were there for drinks and made the evening super.
Sunday night we went to Kau Kan. Monday Dave left for Phoenix and Tuesday Val left for New York- they both totally enjoyed the resort and the area and said they now under stood why we go back year after year.
Wed.(28th) was our real date. Kathie asked different people where they would go for a special night and the choice was Ameleo(not sure on the spelling). We had reservations at 6pm to watch the sun go down. At 4pm, house keeping came in and would not let us in the bed room.
Good thing we had 2 baths. At 5, Kathie said she had to get to her bath room and would not look.
When they finished, there was a huge heart made of red rose pedals on the bed with rose pedals scattered around on the bed. They took towels and made a bride and groom. There was another rose center piece. At the foot of the bed there was a bucket of champagne on ice again.
Ameleo's was hard to put into words as far as the beauty and view of the bay and "Z". What was funny is we met another couple that were celebrating their anniv. also.
The dinner was superb- but pricey(well worth every penny).
Fri went all over "Z" looking for a special green hot sauce that I had bought in "I" and the stores were out- had red but not green. Finally found it in the old market-bought 5 to bring back home.
Sat. we headed home- we had reservations on Click but the crew was on strike and was put on Aero Mexico- Mexico City was a mad house with all the tourist trying to get to their resorts and no Click flights( Mexicana was ok).
About a 2 hr delay in Chicago to get to our gate after landing because of the sleet and ice. Of course we were not dressed for it. Steped in slush over my shoes while putting the luggage in the car. Never got warm until we headed back Monday and the sun was shinning.
We decided to break up our 2 weeks: we have reservations for 1Mar thru 7. While we were in Mexico, Mexicana had a 2 day deal and we got 2 tickets lv O Hare on the 27th of Feb and returning on the 11th of Mar for $704 for the 2 of us r/t. Can't wait.
We like a cruise at that time of year but decided to go Pacifica in stead.
Today is dark and about 40- better than in other areas. We have had rain while north of us has been snow nad cold.

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