Trip Report (January 4th through 12th)

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Escrito por Annie desde (?) el día martes, 29 de enero, 2008 a las 17:57:26 horas :

My husband and I spent a fabulous week in Zihua. I wanted to provide a trip report since the information I got from this forum and also on Trip Advisor was greatly appreciated! I hope what I share can be helpful to others who are planning a trip.

We stayed at the Brisas del Mar in Zihua. Great hotel! I loved the locat1on and being able to walk everywhere. We only took a cab twice the entire week. For the price, you can’t go wrong by staying at Brisas del Mar.

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing and spent most days lounging on the local beaches. Our only outing was an afternoon to Troncones for a surf lesson. We met our instructor at Hacienda Eden (fabulous place and would love to go back and stay in Troncones). He took us a few miles up the beach to surf. Our lesson started at 4pm and we were able to surf while the sun set. Fabulous time! I didn’t really get up (maybe for a few seconds) but my husband did. The instructor teaches week long camps in the Troncones area and also offers private lessons. For info visit

We spent a couple of days at La Ropa lounging at Patys and one day at Las Gatas where we ate at Otillas. I really enjoyed La Ropa. The restaurants are far apart and you do not feel crowded at all. I loved the food at Patys. I had a massage by the woman between Patys and Elvira’s. The cost was $25 for an hour and she was fabulous! Las Gatas was nice but different than what I was expecting. All of the restaurants are right next to each other. It was not crowded at all on the day we were there but all of the tables and lounge chairs make the beach feel more crowded than it is. There is no space between restaurants at all. I had read wonderful things about Otillas and Franco but I have to say I was a tiny bit disappointed. Franco was very friendly and the service was fantastic. We always had drinks on hand. My one complaint is that we ordered the Lobster Taco lunch special. Our mistake was not asking how much it was before ordering. Everything had been so reasonably priced up to this point that I did not think to ask - lesson learned! It was good and included a shrimp/chicken kabob, guac, and three lobster tacos. There was only a very, very small amount of lobster on the tacos. Franco charged $350 pesos for the special which seemed a bit overpriced for what we got and compared to every where else we ate. It wasn’t a bad experience and I loved the set up with lounge chairs and regular chairs to pull into the ocean and keep your feet wet. They also set up a separate table for us to enjoy our lunch at. Great service but I recommend avoiding the lunch specials and asking to see a menu!

We really enjoyed all of our meals in Zihua. Fantastic food and value!! Here is a listing and comments on where we ate…

MJ & Ritchies – fabulous guac, nachos, and drinks. We went twice for lunch on the days we hung out at our hotel.

La Casa Café – great breakfasts! My husband loved the breakfast burrito and I loved Lisa’s Special.

Rufo's – Probably my favorite meal in Zihua for the value and ambiance. Wonderful mango daiquiris and the grilled shrimp were delicious!

Salvador’s – 2 beers, chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, and chicken sopes for $94 pesos. Need I say more? The breakfast is great too.

Kau Kan – decent meal and wonderful view.

Casa Que Canta – Fantastic coconut shrimp although it was the most Americanized meal we had. Great view and beautiful hotel but the restaurant was almost too quiet in my opinion.

La Sirena Gorda – The lobster tacos are worth every penny ($230 pesos)! Delicious and stuffed with lobster!! Although the tacos do not come with any sides so I recommend ordering rice and beans.

Tamales y Atoles Any – If I went back I would order the pozole. I had the enchiladas which were very good but the mole sauce had a distinct chocolate taste that I had a hard time with. Probably how it should be but I had never experienced a mole with that much chocolate flavor before.

Chendos – I am so glad we sought out this place. The coconut shrimp is very good but the cream cheese they put in the shrimp is a bit too rich for my taste. Overall a great meal and excellent service!

That sums it up. I loved Zihua and the rustic feel is what makes it stand out. This was definitely my favorite destination in Mexico (after visiting Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Playa del Carmen). I felt comfortable walking every where and everyone is so friendly. I will be back!!

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