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Escrito por Barb desde ( el día martes, 29 de enero, 2008 a las 23:41:46 horas :

En respuesta a: Trip Report (January 4th through 12th) escrito por Annie desde (?) el día martes, 29 de enero, 2008 a las 17:57:26 horas :

My daughter, granddaughter and I had a similar experience to the experience you had at Otillas, but I don't remember at which Las Gatas restaurant. We were part of a fairly large group of friends but the three of us had asked for a separate check and stayed after the rest of our group had left. I don't think that they spent or tipped much. I intended to leave a $40 or $50 tip on a bill I expected to be $100 (pesos) because we had been there several hours using their chairs and umbrella and the waiter was attentive and nice, spoke very good English. The waiter told me verbally that the bill was $180, because we had ordered beef tacos, a "special" not on the menu, which would have made three tacos $100. I debated about just paying it, but argued with him because I felt betrayed by his action. He pulled the written bill, which said $140, from his pocket. So I spoke with the older guy there (manager?)in passable Spanish (I'm not sure whether he spoke any English) and told him what the waiter had done, and said that I had planned to pay him more, but that I was angry for his lie and therefore no propina. The waiter was looking at us over his shoulder the whole time as he put away the furniture, and I asked to speak with him. The manager motioned him over, and the waiter tried to make excuses, but I told him that he loses business when he does such things, plus happy customers tell a few people and unhappy customers tell many. I don't know whether the tip I might have left meant that he didn't eat dinner that night or not. He shook the hand I offered when I quit lecturing him, but I just don't know that I should've made a big deal over $40. It's the principal!!

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