Save the Bay - Please take action!!! or our lovely ziu will be gone forever

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Escrito por caroline from montreal desde (?) el día miťrcoles, 27 de febrero, 2008 a las 21:32:19 horas :


What you have to ask yourself is why do visitors visit Zihu? Why do they love it?

They visit because itís beautiful, unspoilt, charming, friendly, not full of high rises, ugly condos, noisy crowded streets with drunken louts, overpacked discos, casinos and huge sprawling all inclusive clubs.

If people want that they go to Ixtapa and Cancun.

People visit and love Zihu because it represents the real Mexico.

The town is pretty, gorgeous, safe and relaxing. The bays water is blue. Itís not polluted and we get to lie on a tropical beach that looks out into a beautiful horizon.

I remember the first time I stepped on La Ropa. It was breathtaking. A piece of paradise. Palm trees swayed, Locals smiled, not discos boomed, Children played. A Tranquil, elegant, relaxing, peaceful haven - The very thing someone on holiday wants when they CHOOSE to holiday to Zihu looking for the real Mexico.

If Iím going to spend 5-7000$ on a 10 day holiday with my family I am not coming back to Ziha to look at a Huge concrete pier, ugly cruise ships and swim in polluted waters.

Why on earth would I waste my hard earned money on a government or city officials whoíve sold their souls and town out to commercialism.

I will take my money and love of the real Mexico somewhere else. And so will the millions of visitors who once vacationed in charming unspoilt Zihu.

If 5 cruise ships anchored at an ugly huge piece of concrete - allow 500 temporary visitors per day, who spend Ďmaybeí spend a 100$US in a few hours. = 5,000$pd x 10 days = 50,000$

Imagine the regular tourists who love Zihu for its beauty , who will spend 100pd (food/meal/entertainment) x 10 days vacation = 1000$ x 1,000 visitors x 10 days = 500,000$.

Just look at the math! Who offers more to the locals, the hotels, the restos, the grocery stores, the marketers, the local fishermen, the artists, the shop owners. The cruise liners or the people who chose to rent and stay and eat in Ziha for a 10 day vacation?

And once that Pier is built and the fish dead, the waters polluted, the water grey , the fishermen gone, the locals broke, and nasty condos cover the forested hills. Will your little Zihu be so lovely, so charming, so popular?? And when that happens I imagine those huge ugly petrol guzzling cruise ships will turn around and abandon Ziha - to go feast on some other bay that once beautiful, will turn ugly just like Zihu did.

I have chosen to fly 3,500 miles from Montreal to stay in Ziha in march 2008 with my teenagers. Our choices for holidays were 'shall we go to St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Jamacia or Cuba?" We all collectively chose to return to our beautiful unique colourful Zihu.

If you build that huge pier and let the 100ís of cruise ships in. Thousands like me will turn their backs on your town in the future. Not because we donít love it or love the people - we just donít love to look at cruise ships and we donít love city councillors or officials who turn their backs on both locals and visitors alike who fight to save the town, the bay, the environment and a little piece of paradise

Please donít succumb to mass tourism and commercialism. Otherwise Zihu will become just a uggly suburb of Ixtapa.

From a loyal vacationer who considers Ziha a magical place ( but fears it wont stay that way for long).

Caroline Wrinch.

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