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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 31 de julio, 2008 a las 13:15:05 horas :

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The point being that mass-marketed tourism and clueless wonder travel agents are sending us some very unpleasant and unhelpful tourist/visitors these days (I don't distinguish much between the two and I doubt anyone else who lives here does either). Zihuatanejo used to be a place you heard of by word of mouth, recommended by a friend, and it often took two days just to get here. That certainly kept most of the undesirables away. Whether the tourist/visitor stayed at the Sotavento-Catalina or Raul 3 Marías or rented a bungalow from don Chevo, they dealt directly with locals and their money directly benefited the local community. Those regulars were happy to return each year and visit the same place they stayed before, and it was almost sacriligious to consider building or buying into some monstrosity here or altering the landscape in any way. We certainly had no Ciguatan's destroying 500-year old cacti or Puerto Mío's obliterating beaches and NO ONE would have dared consider putting roads in to Las Gatas. Nowadays too many folks can't wait to buy there! So you can play with semantics if it makes you feel better, but just like where I grew up in Florida or the Virgin Islands, if you ain't a local you're a tourist.

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