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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de agosto, 2008 a las 20:09:04 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: The New Zihuatanejo: an ecological disaster (photos) escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de agosto, 2008 a las 16:48:44 horas :

A totally apt descr1ption Phil!

Seeing these photos gives me such deep sadness. We are witnessing the rape and pillage of a cherished place that has given such nourishment through it's beauty to the souls of the people who've experienced it for centuries.

One can only hope that those who can, will continue to work against this terribly misguided pillaging force. It's time more than ever to work in whatever way possible to generate some wisdom in the way we 'develop' our world and the way resources are utilized.

I know that the developers and designers of this project have a different vision. Some see only money. But some are seeing well made, artfully designed, beautiful houses with incredible views... that those with the wealth to afford them will enjoy tremendously. They are imagining a huge increase in local revenue brought about by it and everybody benefiting economically in a trickle down effect. If only that were the whole picture... perhaps they would have some justification.

However what is left out of that vision is not left out of reality. The ecological and the cultural disasters do not disappear because of being left out of the designer's rendering. What is being sacrificed for the sake of the financial benefit for some and the private enjoyment of some, constitutes a true shameful disaster for all as a whole.

Seeing a place of beauty only as an opportunity for exploitation with the aim of generating private wealth will destroy us eventually... all of us. Critical points of human wisdom have become too lost and the momentum of greed is too dangerously out of control. This is a time of grief for Zihuatanejo.

I knew conceptually that someday this would happen. But to see those photos is a deeply painful shock. To see it as a reality is frightening and saddening. I know that this cancerous pillaging will continue and we are in fragile days nearby in Barra de Potosi.

Anyway, we must do what we can to light some candle of moral and creative vision in development. Selfish consumerism and greed protected by aggressive force (either fiscal or physical) are not the answers. They move us more toward misery not toward peace and happiness.

The beauty of that place... preciously untouched by roads as if honoring it's sacred impact on all... has indeed been sacrificed to greed. We will all suffer negative consequences from this - unimagined by the designers. If they looked at those aspects - really saw them - maybe they would have... no ...probably they are in another world beyond feeling for what they are pillaging. They would not have cared for a second even if it could be shown to them what they are destroying.

Anyway we must do what we find possible to make a different kind of development a real choice... where we can... as much as we can. We need to consider sustainability and the sacred beauty of a place for all it's community.

Those hills should have been protected and now they are pillaged. We have witnessed the murder of Zihuatanejo as the amazingly precious gem that it was. Those who come in the future will not get to experience the unique soul nourishing impact of the old Zihuatanejo that countless people through the centuries could feel and experience through this remarkable place.

They will see lots of high end houses...(if you can get past the gate of course).

High end houses and gated communities on the 'Picture Perfect completely architecturally planned 'beautiful' manicured side and somewhere nearby where 'you shouldn't go' will lie in unbearably polluted ugliness, the poor section.

There, in the hidden poor section, the descendants of the formerly proud and fabulously unique people de la Costa Grande whose grandparents and bisabuelos gave Zihuatanejo together with it's natural beauty that magical soul - will huddle in shacks split between feeling so lucky to have a servant job for those high end people and seeing them as a target for robberies.

This predictable soul draining scenario gets tiresome.... you've seen one, you've seen them all.

I feel lucky (and well knowing it's fragility) that it hasn't quite yet arrived today to the little stretch down the road in La Barra. And knowing how the clock is ticking and the power of the force behind that cancerous thing we take anyway whatever little step we can identify to try to protect it. We have been so blessed to experience this life.

Still so far the locals can offer to guests a participation for a few days or weeks in this amazing and different life without ruining it - but instead leaving with hearts and souls increased and sometimes energized with unexpected healing and creative fuel from having experienced a bridge to a native in danger of extinction.

Thanks Rob, for showing us the truth of what's going on as painful as it is to see.

Hasta pronto,

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