Re: Cruise Ship Pier in Barra de Potosí?

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de enero, 2009 a las 18:19:09 horas :

En respuesta a: Cruise Ship Pier in Barra de Potosí? escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 21 de enero, 2009 a las 11:27:21 horas :

Remember I told ya? I always did suspect that all the hubbub about the pier in Zihua was distraction and time buying while some preparations went on behind the scenes for putting it here (like changing political parties control of government maybe).

We've had a copy of the planos of this megaproject designed by the trio of Federal and State government with Fonatur for about 3 or 4 years. Including detailed drawings, maps and graphs and data on all the many pounds of paper it's on.

Talking stages they say in the article...uuuhhh well maybe. According to the copy of the plan we have the work began in 2001. Phase 1 of three phases is to be completed by 2011 and all completed by 2025. A lot of money already went into the work done by the time we got those plans.

So announcements now come as no surprise to us sadly. Curiously they appear at the same time as the village was told it would be offered a fabulous help from the ayuntamiento to answer the problem of overcrowding due to the skyrocketed real-estate prices caused by foreigners buying up almost all the properties. Our very own INFONAVIT hotbox slum not toooo tooo far from the lagoon and beach. Just sign on the dotted line....and we'll throw in these beads too. (Too far to get to the lagoon for the fishing?...don't worry, soon there won't be any more fishing. But you can all get jobs as waiters and maids in the fine dining restaurants and five star hotels- um those who have teeth and can read can put in applications anyway. And all the rest of you can apply for government aid. And if you get nostalgic and want to go to the beach you can catch the bus and go over to Playa Larga if they still have public access because there won't really be any in this project. And just wait until that trickle down effect trickles down into the aquifer...I mean... pocket book of the people. It'll be just great - progress...good for the poor!)

The mega-project includes the cruise ship pier as well as a marina with slips for 150 50 foot yaghts, 6500 rentable rooms (that includes three 5 star hotels with requisite golf courses and villas surrounding the dredged lagoon) - all on top of our pristine mangroves, wetlands and dunes and village... local community, fishing, flora, fauna, ecological disaster to lagoon, beaches and ocean and water shortages notwithstanding. Minor details when money in the pockets of those in power is concerned.

Some will say it's silly to worry given the world economic crisis. Hope you are right. However might want to consider that economic crises tend to work on cycles of 10-15 years. Now would be about the right time to divide and conquer resistance, get rid of pesky locals and buy up all the property Just in time to deliver for the next generation of economic boom.

I hope you are all rested. Might be that some energetic help will be called for ahead. Get you pens ready...I mean keyboards.

Hasta pronto,

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