Why Some Support the Pier

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Escrito por Craig Scheiner desde (c-76-103-200-224.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) el día sábado, 06 de octubre, 2007 a las 22:55:51 horas :

Just curious - if the artisans at the artisan market support the pier, isn't it reasonable to think the reason is that the cruise ship tourists spend more money there than the $70 each posted elsewhere on this board for the trinket shops?

The Zihua trinket shops sell exactly the same things as the trinket shops in every other Mexican tourist destination. Why would the owners be surprised the cruise ship tourists are not spending big bucks with them in Zihua since those tourists have already purchased tourist trinkets in the first couple of ports on their cruise?

Instead of easy to set up "me too" shops, maybe an entrepreneur or two would consider taking over one or two of these shops as they go out of business and upgrade the merchandise that is sold in Zihua. There are an increasing number of higher end crafts shops in Puerto Vallarta now. They are selling top of the line quality Mexican creations from around the country, and they are all doing just fine, thank you. Their primary customers are tourists and their method of transportation to Mexico has nothing to do with how much money they spend; plane, train, car or cruise ship.

Bring more quality to Zihua's stores; lose some of the silver bangle and ring places, lose all the cerveza T-shirt shops, and focus on the things tourists will want to buy. If you sell junk you will attract customers who have little money to spend.

An example of a Zihua quality shop is Lupita's. Don't waste your typing fingers calling me a brown nose unless you've actually been there and seen the clothing she carries. That shop is the direction Zihua's tourist merchants should go if they want to survive. Leave the trinkets to the other towns.


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