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Escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día viernes, 22 de febrero, 2008 a las 19:49:33 horas :

The other day I began receiving some amazing historical photos of Zihuatanejo. They were taken by Gene Lysaker in the 1950's with some in the '60's. In addition Mr. Lysaker is an accomplished fine arts painter and he sent me several of his paintings of Zihua. I will be posting his work on a website and I will link it on my posts here when it is finished. Until then I'll post a few of his pictures and paintings from time to time. The photo above is a place called Tres Marias, taken in the early '50's. Anybody remember it or know just where it is today?

Below is the note Gene sent me with his first email.


I first visited Zihuatanejo back in 1951. I had been in the south Pacific, back after WWII. Zihuatanejo reminded me of the villages of Mindoro in the Philippines. I liked the Islands and people from the start. We had an Air Force base (I flew on a B-24) near the town of San Jose.

Zihuatanejo reminded me of that little village on Mindoro.

I have taken pictures of the people and places around Z. I started out in black & white with a Minolta Autocord. Many of my black & white prints are gone, and my color slides are faded, but I still have some left.

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