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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 22 de febrero, 2008 a las 20:07:50 horas :

En respuesta a: Pictures of Old Z escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día viernes, 22 de febrero, 2008 a las 19:49:33 horas :

Here's another Cri-Cri photo of old Zihuatanejo in the late 60's.

Craig, Cri-Cri is the name Gene Lysaker is known by locally for the clicking sound of his camera that took thousands of photos of local kids, many who remember him fondly. My wife showed a video of his photos accompanied by old local music that Cri-Cri sent us to dozens of locals in the park in front of our home and it was a big hit. We hope to do so again soon. It's a real trip back through time to the Zihuatanejo we love so much but that has been lost in all the crazy development that has been allowed in recent years.

The photo in your message depicts what is now the locat1on of the pier and the entrance to the Laguna Las Salinas in front of El Almacén. Raúl Tres Marías is one of the oldest hotels here and is visible in the background of your photo.

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