Z AmaZing Zihuatanejo

Acapulco Statue
Bronze statue of a sunbather in the morning light (click to enlarge)

The magic of Zihuatanejo is palpable and is something most residents and visitors can see and feel all around them, beginning with the first rays of dawn and the amazing spectacle of the morning light as it illuminates Zihuatanejo Bay and everything around it. The colors seem to vibrate and give life to inanimate objects, playing tricks with the mind and one’s vision, revealing new beauty and details in old and familiar things, whether it be a flock of birds, boats in the bay, buildings on the hillsides, fishermen, a market, a street, a beach, a walkway, or a statue. Even the colors of the ocean, the hills, the clouds and the sky seem fresh and new each day.

For those of us fortunate to experience this magic, it recharges our batteries and invigorates the soul, reminding us to appreciate what we can while we can, for it will be different tomorrow and we may not be here. Every day is indeed something new. The past and the future meaningless abstracts to the here and now demanding our attention. Reminding us to appreciate what we have and where we are at this moment. Reminding us there’s no time like the present.

Here are a few photos mostly from my morning walks with my wife along the waterfront of downtown Zihuatanejo.

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Downtown Zihuatanejo
Downtown Zihuatanejo

Pelicans on Playa Principal
Pelicans on Playa Principal

Fishing boats arriving
A fishing boat zooms on to Playa Principal

Fishing at Dawn
Several shore fishermen try their luck at dawn on Zihuatanejo’s Playa Principal

Fishing at dawn
A lone fisherman at dawn on the Playa Principal

Fishing boats on the beach
Fishing boats line the beach at the fishermen’s market

El Faro and Los Morros de Potosí
The lighthouse and Los Morros de Potosí

Waterfront fishermen's market
The fishermen’s market

Mostly huachinango
Mostly red snapper

Fishing with pelicans
Fishing with pelicans

Fishermen arriving
Fishermen arrive with their overnight catch

Fisherman casts net
A fisherman casts his net in Zihuatanejo Bay

Here are a couple of wide-angle panoramas I took of Zihuatanejo Bay in the morning. You can move them right and left as well as zoom in. Once you open them I recommend clicking on the “expand” arrows in the upper right corner to see them full screen.

Long morning shadows on the downtown beach called Playa Principal

Fishermen following pelicans during a feeding frenzy that started at Playa Principal and ended at Playa La Madera

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