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Escrito por KR desde ( el día sábado, 08 de noviembre, 2008 a las 14:07:34 horas :


Cely and I just back from a wonderful little 2-week “loop” around Guadalajara, Tequila area mountain environs, San Blas, down to Puerto Vallarta and back.

Per our earlier recommendations, we had mentioned stopping in Playa Los Cocos, et al, south of San Blas on your upcoming drive down the coast. While those suggestions still stand, we would like to also HIGHLY recommend a leisurely and friendly stop in the sleepy little beach community of San Pancho even father south of Santa Cruz on Hwy 200S (approx 1 ½ hour drive further). In fact, we will now suggest a bypass of Los Cocos, and an immediate B-Line for this very scenic and gracious little community....!!

San Pancho is just south of Guayabitos and about a half-hour north of Sayulita. Enough to say that we popped-in for a quick “lunch stop”, and ended up staying there five days! From 200S, the hwy sign actually says “San Francisco”, but THAT is the turn-off to take. Just PAST that turn-off is another roadside marker that says “San Pancho”, but THAT turn-off is a dead end into a (just started) new Gov housing project, requiring a quick U-turn.

There is a (sort of) “RV” parking area near the hwy entrance to San Pancho, as well as one (overpriced IMHO) resort hotel at the north end of the beach, the Costa Azul. We opted for one of the VERY comfortable single home options in town (steps from the beach), which offered bedroom, kitchen and dining room options (with private jungled patios). While a number of good dining options dot this pretty town (mostly European owned), we prefered cokkin at home as “the truck” from San Blas comes in every Wednesday and Saturday morning selling a wide variety of fresh fish, BIG sea and ‘agua dulce” river shrimp, and lovely fresh oysters..... CHEAP!!!!

Also, Playa La Peñita (just north of Guayabitos) is also a mellow and scenic stop where we had a nice smoked atún-n-scrambled-eggs breakie on the beach. The Oxxo at the Pemex there (on the hwy) is the ONLY ATM in the area if you are running short of pesos....

While Guayabitos is little more than a Mexican Disneyland vaca beach area (!), there definitely IS a FINE restaurant on the far southern end of The Strip (at the foot of the hill) called La Peñata that serves some absolutely to-die-for fresh mesquite-grilled Dorado for about 120 pesos per kilo.... with ALL the side dishes (and HAND tortillas!).... and a nice hillside view of the entire bay.

MANY new 'stories', but in a nutshell, PROVECHO, amigo..... y manejan con Diós.

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