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For references regarding recent local controversy surrounding the school and its directora please see the following articles from the newspaper "El Sur de Acapulco":

Acusan cinco trabajadores a la directora de la escuela Netzahualcóyotl de prepotencia

Demandan la destitución de la directora de una escuela para niños indígenas en Zihuatanejo

Exigen la salida de cinco profesores de primaria bilingüe de Zihuatanejo

Replica la directora que los maestros de la primaria Netzahualcóyotl que piden su salida, no cumplen su trabajo

There are other related articles but I think it becomes obvious the problems at this school involve political and social issues that foreigners should not be getting in the middle of. There are other schools and other children where much more good could be done. It is regrettable that foreigners, especially the Rotary, have unwittingly become mixed up in such a controversial endeavor, but I believe cultural and language barriers along with ignorance of local socio-political issues (such as the relationship between squatters and politicians) have played a notable role in that respect along with a few egos and an apparently odd stubbornness by a few who have appeared unwilling to recognize they've been used: admittedly never an easy pill to swallow.

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